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If you have questions about anything – from buying a product, to where is your order, all the way to listing an item as a seller, head on over to our Help Centre.


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    People Usually Ask These

    If you are interested in some of our products and you want to make your purchase, it’s now easier than you think with Dragogate, all you need is a PayPal account for more secure payment, and go ahead by clicking “Buy Now” on the product page then enter your information and congratulation for your new purchase.

    Want to check on your order status? Clicking the button below will give you some neat order details like:

    Estimated Delivery Date
    Tracking information (if applicable)
    Orders are processing or have been shipped?

    Can I track my order?
    We rely on a global network of shipping services (UPS, FedEx, DHL) as well as local postal services (USPS) to get your order to your doorstep as soon as possible. For this reason, tracking is not always available.

    To cancel your order, please use the button below to contact us. This is how the process will go:

    ● you’ll contact us to cancel your existing order.
    ● We’ll give you a voucher with the full value of the canceled order.
    ● You can place a new order with the right stuff!

    You cannot cancel your order after it is shipped. However, You can reject/return the goods after it is delivered to you).

    When your order status is “Awaiting Shipment”: You can cancel your order. Please contact us, select a reason for cancellation, then [Submit] the request.

    You don’t like us to give you a voucher with the full value of the canceled order.
    please make sure to mention that you don’t want a voucher, and we will send your money back to your bank account.
    Please take easy that the fund is guaranteed as we know how important your money is and we make sure that the refund is handled accordingly. Usually, it takes 3-20 business days, varying with different banks, for buyers to receive the refund after the refund is successfully processed by Dragogate.

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